Everybody's Welcome Training Resource

Led by Mrs Maureen O'Brien, Coordinator for Marriage and Family Life Ministry

“The parish remains the pre-eminent place for catechesis. It must rediscover its vocation, which is to be a fraternal and welcoming family home.” Catechesis Tradendae #67 

What is the purpose of this training resource?

To enable all parish groups to understand why welcoming visitors and strangers matters, and that all parishioners need an ongoing welcome.
To prompt parishes to improve their own welcome policies

How might a parish group use it?

With a group of up to ten people with an identified leader, who may be one of the group? This person will take responsibility for preparing the sessions but does not need to be 'an expert' on the ministry of welcome. The date can be decided by the parish/pastoral area. Sessions can be run as two half-days (10am - 12:30pm or 7 - 9:30pm) or full-days (10am - 3pm).

What can we expect to cover?

An assessment of the way the parish welcomes everyone. An exploration of different ideas and experiences of welcoming and being welcomed. The development of a structured welcome policy. A commitment to regular reassessment of parish welcome.

For further details please contact:
Coordinator for Marriage & Family Life Ministry
Mrs Maureen O’Brien
Dept. of Pastoral Formation at LACE
Tel: 0151 522 1044
Email: m.obrien@rcaol.co.uk