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Our Lady and St PhilomenaSparrow Hall Road, L9 6BU
Parish No168
Population3,500 / 10, 000
Tel.0151 476 0289
Fax.0151 476 0285
ArchitectH Lewis Curtis
ClergyRevv Kevin McLoughlin, Paul Prady BA PGCTM FSCO
Holy Name Presbytery, Moss Pits Lane, Fazakerley, Liverpool L10 9LG
MassesSunday 9.30 am
Holydays as announced 
Weekdays Wed 7 pm and as announced
ServicesConfs Wed 6.30 pm and on request 
Expo following Fri M
Nov Wed 7 pm
Bapt by appointment 

Parish No214
Population6,500 / 19,000
Tel.0151 546 3574
Fax.0151 546 7316
ArchitectL A G Prichard
ClergyRev Kenneth Hyde
Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs, and St Swithin, Stonebridge Lane, Liverpool L11 9AZ
Dcn Malcolm Fletcher
MassesSunday 1st M prev 6 pm; 11.30 am
Holydays 9.05 am
Weekdays Mon-Fri 9.05 am
ServicesConfs on request
Expo Tue, Fri 9.30 am - 3 pm
Bapt Sun 1 pm by appointment
St Teresa of the Jesus ChildUtting Avenue East, Norris Green, L11 3BW
Parish No147
Population5,520 / 23,000
Tel.0151 226 1354
Fax.0151 270 2665
Web. Twitter: @StTeresasNG
ArchitectF E Badger
ClergyRev Christopher Fallon MA PhD VF
St Philomena's Parish House, Sparrow Hall Road, Liverpool L9 6BU 
Dcn Donagh McKillop
MassesSunday 1st M prev 6 pm; 10 am, 6 pm
Holydays 9 am, 6 pm
Weekdays as announced
ServicesConfs Sat 5-5.30 pm
Bapt by appointment
Nov and Ben Tue 7.30 pm
English MartyrsSchool Lane, Litherland, L21 7LX
Parish No162
Tel.0151 928 3471
ArchitectL A G Prichard
ClergyRev F William Simpson MA DASE
Priest's House, 74 Kirkstone Road west, Litherland, Liverpool L21 0EQ
MassesSunday 1st M prev 6.15 pm; 10.45 am
Holydays as announced
Weekdays Mon, Wed, Fri 9 am
ServicesConfs sat 10.30-11 am, after 1st M of Sun and on request
Nov Mon 8.50 am
Bapt by appointment
Holy SpiritPoulsom Drive, Ford
Parish No188
Tel.0151 928 0040
ArchitectP Pozzoni
ClergyRev John Harris FCA 
Holy Spirit Presbytery, 66/68 Sterrix Lane, Litherland, Liverpool L21 0DA
Dcn John Murphy MBE Tel 0151 920 6881
MassesSunday 1st M prev 5.15 pm; 9.45, 11.30 am
Holydays 1st M prev 7.30 pm; 7.30 pm
Weekdays Mon 7.30 pm with PSN; Tue 7 pm (EF); Wed 9 am; Fri 9.30 am;
Thu 12 noon with Expo until 1 pm, Sat 12 noon
Bank Holidays 10 am
M in EF on other feast days as announced 
ServicesConfs Sat 12.30-1 pm, after 5.15 pm M
Expo Sat 11.30 am- 12 noon
Bapt by appointment