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St BernadetteWigan Road, Shevington WN6 8AP
Parish No001
Tel.(01257) 423291
Web.; Twitter: @stmstb
ClergyRev John Hindley
St Marie's Presbytery, Almond Brook Road, Standish, Wigan WN6 0TB (address for all correspondence)
MassesOur Lady of the Annunciation (St Marie's)
Almond Brook Road, Standish WN6 0TB
Sunday 1st M prev 6.45 pm; 11 am
Holydays as announced
Weekdays Mon, Fri 9.15 am; Tue 7 pm
St Bernadette, Wigan Road, Shevington WN6 8AP
Sunday 1st M prev 5.30 pm; 9.30 am
Holydays as announced
Weekdays Tue, Thu 9.15 am
ServicesConfs Tue 6.30-6.50 pm (St Marie), Sun 9.10-9.20 am (St Bernadette) and on request
Bapt by appointment
St James St James' Road, Orrell
Parish No012
Tel.(01695) 622476
ArchitectUnknown - church listed Grade ll

Rev Gerard Tuite

St James' Presbytery, St James' Road, Orrell, Wigan WN5 7AA


Sunday 11 am, 6 pm

Holydays 11 am, 6 pm
Weekdays Tue, Wed, Fri 9.30 am


Confs Sat 10-11 am and on request

Expo Wed 10-11 am
Bapt Sun 12.30 pm by appointment

St Joseph Crow Orchard Road, Wrightington
Parish No030
Population1,800 / 5,400
Tel.(01695) 622476
ArchitectJames Sinnott - church and presbytery listed Grade ll
ClergyRev Gerard Tuite
St James' Presbytery, St James' Road, Orrell, Wigan WN5 7AA
MassesSunday 1st M prev 6 pm; 9.30 am
Holydays 1st M prev 6 pm; 9.30 am
Weekdays Mon, Thu 9.30 am
ServicesConfs Sat 5.15-5.45 pm
Bapt Sat 12 noon by appointment 
St Richard Liverpool Road, Skelmersdale
Parish No070
Population8,000 / 39,000
Tel.(01695) 724476 / 720095
ArchitectW Pugin
ClergyRev Michael Thompson MA VF
St Richard's Presbytery, 184 Liverpool Road, Skelmersdale WN8 8BX
Dcns Des Alger, Anthony Callaghan 
MassesSunday 9 am
Holydays as announced
Weekdays as announced
St Francis of Assisi, Beechtrees WN8 9EZ
Sunday 10.30 am
Holydays as announced 
Weekdays as announced 
St Mary, Queen of Apostles, Ashurst Road WN8 6DY
Sunday 1st M prev 5 pm
Holydays as announced
Weekdays as announced

ServicesConfs Sat 4.15-4.45 pm (St Mary) and by appointment 
Expo Tue 10-10.30 am (St Francis) 
Ros Tue after 10 am M (St Mary)
Prayer Group Thu 7 pm (St Richard)
Bapt after preparation 
St Teresa College Road, Upholland
Parish No170
Tel.(01695) 622001
Fax.0845 280 0635
ArchitectF X Velarde - church listed Grade ll
ClergyAwaiting appointment 
St Teresa's Presbytery, 23 College Road, Upholland, Skelmersdale WN8 0PY
MassesSunday 1st M prev 6 pm; 10 am
Holydays 9 am, 12 noon, 7.30 pm
Weekdays Tue, Thu 9 am; Wed 12 noon; Fri 8.30 am; 1st Sat 8.30 am
ServicesMeditation Wed, Fri 6.45 pm; 1st Sat 11am-5 pm
Living the Word/Lectio Wed 7.30 pm
Bapt after preparation