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Holy Rosary Aintree Village/Old Roan
Constructured 2001
Parish No 183
Population 3,000 / 9,500
Tel. 0151 526 8468
Architect Weightman & Bullen

Rev Philip Inch (Episcopal Vicar for Evangelisation) 

Holy Rosary Presbytery, Altway, Aintree Village, Liverpool L10 2LG


Sunday 1st M prev 6 pm; 10.30 am

Holydays 9.10 am, 7 pm ( also 11 am in term-time)
Weekdays Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 9.10 am; Wed 12 noon


The church is open every day from 9 am until dusk

Confs Wed 11.30 am and on request

Service of Reconciliation Tue before Christmas and Easter 7 pm

Expo Wed 11.30 am

Ros Wed 12.25 pm and 1st Sat 11.40 am

Annual Baptism Thanksgiving 2nd Wed after Easter

Annual Bereavement Service 2nd Thu in November

Bapt and Marr after preparation


Parish Office Open Tue, Fri 9.15 am-12.45 pm

Bapt Reg 1955, Marr Reg 1958

Schools PS 152, HS 263
Parish Centre Mrs Sharon Edwards Tel 0151 526 1040

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