Parish Information

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St Vincent Parr
Constructured 2001
Parish No 058
Population 10,000
Tel. (01744) 811935
Clergy Rev Peter Hannah 
The Parish House, 179 Derbyshire Hill Road, St Helens WA9 2LS
Dcns John McLoughlin, Edward Kane
Masses St Anne and Blessed Dominic, Monastery Road, WA9 3ZD
Sunday 1st M prev 6.30 pm; 11 am
Holydays as announced
Weekdays as announced
St Vincent de Paul, Derbyshire Hill Road, WA9 2LS
Sunday 9.30 am
Holydays as announced 
Weekdays as announced
Services Confs on request 
Veneration of relic of Bl Dominic Barberi CP Mon after M when possible 
Bapt and Marr by appointment after preparation

Resources Parish Office Monastery Road, Sutton, St Helens WA9 3ZD
Tel (01744) 811935
St Anne and Blessed Dominic Church
1849 / 1850 / Cons 1973 Architect Lanner Construction (design & build)
Monastery Road, Sutton, St Helens WA9 3ZD
St VIncent's Church (formerly Parish No 127) 1904
Derbyshire Hill Road, Parr, St Helens WA9 2LS
Bapt Reg, Marr Reg: St Anne and Blessed Dominic 1849, St Vincent 1904,
St Joseph 1876, Our Lady, Mother of God 1962
Tel (01744) 811935
Schools PS 172, HS 267 & 267a
St Anne's Parish Centre Tel (01744) 812727
Our Lady, Mother of God Parish Centre Tel (01744) 24728
In Parish Sr Eileen O'Riordan CP, Chaplain to St Helens Hospital and Whiston Hospital, 
11 Brotherhood Drive, St Helens WA9 3BZ Tel (01744) 811601
Shrine of Bl Dominic Barberi CP (also interred - Elizabeth Prout and Ignatius Spencer)
Adamstan House, Parr Nursing Home, Elizabeth Court, Madison Court (nursing homes)