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St Anthony of Egypt Scotland Road, Liverpool L5 5BD
Constructured 2001
Parish No 244
Population 5,000
Tel. 0151 207 0177
Fax. 0151 207 0177
Email. stanthony282@btinternet.com2012,,
Clergy Revv Graeme Dunne, Bruce Walles
St Anthony's Presbytery, Scotland Road, Liverpool L5 5BD
Masses Sunday 1st M prev 6 pm (Our Lady of Reconciliation); 10 am (St Anthony), 11.45 am (Our Lady Immaculate), 3 pm (St Anthony, EF)
Holydays 9.15 am (Our Lady of Reconciliation), 12 noon (St Anthony, EF), 6 pm (Our Lady Immaculate)
Weekdays (may change due to Requiems) Mon, Fri, Sat 12 noon (St Anthony); Tue, Thu 9.15 am (Our Lady of Reconciliation); Wed 9.15 am (Our Lady Immaculate)
Services Confs Sat 11–11.45 am (St Anthony) and by appointment
Expo Sun 3 pm (Our Lady of Reconciliation), Sat 10.30 am (St Anthony)
Prayer Group Mon 7 pm (Our Lady Immaculate)
Nov & Expo Tue 6 pm (St Anthony)
Bapt by appointment
Resources St Anthony of Egypt Church (formerly Parish No 31)
1804/1833 Architect J Broadbent – church listed Grade II
Scotland Road, Liverpool L5 5BD
Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church (formerly Parish No 61)
1856/1986/Cons 1986 Architect Vis Williams
Our Lady's Parish House, 69a Domingo Road, Liverpool L5 0RR
Our Lady Immaculate Parish Centre & Club
Our Lady of Reconciliation de la Salette Church (formerly Parish No 60)
1854/1860/Cons 1910 Architect EW Pugin – church listed Grade II
Our Lady's Parish House, 39 Eldon Place, Liverpool L3 6HE
St Sylvester's Church (formerly Parish No 86)
1875/1889/Closed 2010 Architect Pugin & Pugin
Former St Sylvester's Parish House, 27 Silvester Street, Liverpool L5 8SE
Bapt Reg 1804, Marr Reg 1837 at St Anthony's, Scotland Road
Schools PS9, 14 & 19, HS 228
In Parish Maritime Lodge, Venmore Lodge, Devon Court, Abbey Lawns Nursing Home, Millersmede, Crompton Court, Isis, Eldonian House (sheltered accommodation)