Parish Information

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St Michael St Michael's Road, Ditton, WA8 8TF
Constructured 2001
Parish No 246
Population 3,500
Tel. 0151 424 6641
Architect Henry Clutton - church listed Grade ll*

Rev Michael Fitzsimons VF, Rev Matthew Jolley Tel 0151 424 2738
St Bede's Presbytery, Appleton Village, Widnes WA8 6EL
Rev Joseph Bibby Tel 0151 424 6641
St Basil's Presbytery, Hough Green Road, Widnes WA8 4SZ
Rt Rev John Rawsthorne Tel 0151 424 4021
St Michael's Presbytery, St Michael's Road, Ditton, Widnes WA8 8TF
Rev William Murphy Tel 0151 495 1854
The Cottage, 2 Sefton Avenue, Widnes WA8 9JZ
Dcns Terence Fox, John Williams (rtd)


Sunday 1st M prev 5 pm (St Bede), 6 pm (St Basil); 8.30 am (St Michael), 9 am (St Bede), 10 am (St John Fisher), 10.30 am (St Michael), 11.15 am (St Bede), 4.30 pm (St Basil)

Holydays  as announced
Weekdays Mon 9.15 am (St Bede); Tue 9.15 am (St Basil); Wed 9.15 am (St John Fisher), 7 pm (St Bede); Thu 9.15 am (St Michael); Fri 9.15 am (St Basil); Sat 10 am (St Bede)


Confs Sat 10.30-11.30 am (St Bede)

Morning Prayer Mon-Fri 9 am before M

Expo Tue 8.30 am (St Basil)

Ros Sat 10.30 am (St Bede)

Nov Wed 6.45 pm (St Bede)

Bapt and Marr by appointment


Schools PS 211, HS 246

Parish Centre Tel 0151 423 2149

In Parish

St Michael's Parish House, St Michael's Road, Ditton, Widnes WA8 8TF

Res: Rt John Rawsthorne Tel 0151 424 4021
Ferndale Court Nursing Home, Ferndale Mews Nursing Home
St George's Court Residential Home