Parish Information

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Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Our Lady's Parish House, 69a Domingo Road, Liverpool L5 0RR
Constructured 2001
Parish No 244
Population 5,000
Tel. 0151 207 0177
Fax. 0151 207 0177
Email. stanthony282@btinternet.com2012,,
Clergy Revv Graeme Dunne, Bruce Walles
St Anthony's Presbytery, Scotland Road, Liverpool L5 5BD
Masses Sunday 1st M prev 6 pm (Our Lady of Reconciliation); 10 am (St Anthony), 11.45 am (Our Lady Immaculate), 3 pm (St Anthony, EF)
Holydays 9.15 am (Our Lady of Reconciliation), 12 noon (St Anthony, EF), 6 pm (Our Lady Immaculate)
Weekdays (may change due to Requiems) Mon, Fri, Sat 12 noon (St Anthony); Tue, Thu 9.15 am (Our Lady of Reconciliation); Wed 9.15 am (Our Lady Immaculate)
Services Confs Sat 11–11.45 am (St Anthony) and by appointment
Expo Sun 3 pm (Our Lady of Reconciliation), Sat 10.30 am (St Anthony)
Prayer Group Mon 7 pm (Our Lady Immaculate)
Nov & Expo Tue 6 pm (St Anthony)
Bapt by appointment
Resources St Anthony of Egypt Church (formerly Parish No 31)
1804/1833 Architect J Broadbent – church listed Grade II
Scotland Road, Liverpool L5 5BD
Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church (formerly Parish No 61)
1856/1986/Cons 1986 Architect Vis Williams
Our Lady's Parish House, 69a Domingo Road, Liverpool L5 0RR
Our Lady Immaculate Parish Centre & Club
Our Lady of Reconciliation de la Salette Church (formerly Parish No 60)
1854/1860/Cons 1910 Architect EW Pugin – church listed Grade II
Our Lady's Parish House, 39 Eldon Place, Liverpool L3 6HE
St Sylvester's Church (formerly Parish No 86)
1875/1889/Closed 2010 Architect Pugin & Pugin
Former St Sylvester's Parish House, 27 Silvester Street, Liverpool L5 8SE
Bapt Reg 1804, Marr Reg 1837 at St Anthony's, Scotland Road
Schools PS9, 14 & 19, HS 228
In Parish Maritime Lodge, Venmore Lodge, Devon Court, Abbey Lawns Nursing Home, Millersmede, Crompton Court, Isis, Eldonian House (sheltered accommodation)