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Sacred Heart Walmesley Road, Leigh WN7 1YE
Constructured 2001
Parish No 242
Tel. (01942) 673517
Architect Our Lady of the Rosary- Prestwich & Son / Sacred Heart- Anthony Ellis / St Joseph's- Joseph Hanson - church listed Grade II / Twelve Apostles'- William Ellis

Rev Colin Fealey

Our Lady's Presbytery, 2 Common Lane, Leigh WN7 4QE Tel (01942) 673517
Rev Keiran O'Grady
Sacred Heart Presbytery, Walmesley Road, Leigh WN7 1YE
Tel (01942) 673517 Email
Dcns Anthony Arrowsmith, Dennis Vint 


Sunday 1st M prev 5.30 pm (Twelve Apostles);

8.30 am (St Joseph), 9.30 am (Sacred Heart), 10.30 am (St Joseph), 
11 am (Our Lady of the Rosary), 6.30 pm for Pastoral Area (St Richard's, Atherton)
Holydays as announced
Weekdays as announced


Confs 1st Sat 11-11.45 am (Sacred Heart), 2nd Sat 11-11.45 am (Our Lady of the Rosary), 

3rd Sat 11-11.45 am (St Joseph), 4th Sat 11-11.45 am (Twelve Apostles)
Bapt by appointment


Parish Office St Joseph's, Mather Lane, Leigh WN7 2PR Tel (01942) 673517

Secretary in attendance Mon-Fri 8.30 am-4 pm
Our Lady of the Rosary Church, Plank Lane (formerly Parish No 95)
1879 / 1939 Architect Prestwich & Son
Sacred Heart Church (formerly Parish No 123)
1904 / 1929 / Cons June 1951 Architect Anthony Ellis
St Joseph's Church (formerly Parish No 4)
1670 / 1778 / 1855 / Cons 31 July 1931
Architect Joseph Hanson - church listed Grade ll
Mather Lane, Leigh WN7 2PR
St Joseph's Parish House, Mather Lane, Leigh WN7 2PR
Twelve Apostles' Church (formerly Parish No 96)
1879 / 1902 / 1929 Architect William Ellis
Nel Pan Lane, Leigh WN7 5JS
Twelve Apostles' Parish House, Nel Pan Lane, Leigh WN7 5JS
Bapt and Marr Reg at Parish Office
Schools PS 133, 134 & 135, HS 270

In Parish

Leigh Infirmary

Brookdale Court, Wharfdale, Lyndhurst, Pennington House
Bedford Nursing Home, High Peak Nursing Home