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St Richard of Chichester Mayfield Street, atherton, Manchester M46 0AQ
Constructured 2001
Parish No 243
Tel. (01942) 883395; 0161 790 2390
Architect Holy Family- H Greenhalgh / St Ambrose- Lanner Construction / St Richard of Chichester Church- H Greenhalgh

Rev Paul Seddon VF

St Richard's Parish House, Mayfield Street, Atherton, Manchester M46 0AQ
Tel (01942) 883395 Email
Rev Paul Grady
Holy Family Presbytery, 208 Chaddock Lane, Boothstown, Worsley, 
Manchester M28 1DN Tel 0161-790 2390 Email
Dcn Robert Hewertson


Sunday 1st M prev 6 pm (St Ambrose Barlow; St Richard);

9 am (Holy Family), 9.30 am (St Richard), 11 am (Holy Family; St Ambrose Barlow),
6.30 pm for the Pastoral Area (St Richard)
Holydays as announced
Weekdays as announced


Confs Sat 10.30-11 am (Holy Family), after 6 pm M (St Richard)

Expo Wed 9-10 am (St Richard); Wed 6.30-7 pm, Sat 10.30-11 am (Holy Family)
Bapt by appointment


Holy Family Church (formerly Parish 152)

1897 / 1930 / Cons 2001 Architect H Greenhalgh, 
refurbished by Derek Hicks & Thew Partnership
Chaddock Lane, Boothstown, Worsley, Manchester M28 1DN
Sacred Heart Church, Hindsford (formerly Parish 72)
1865 / 1869 / Church closed 2004
Sacred Heart Parish House, Tyldesley Road, Atherton, Manchester M46 9AP
St Ambrose Barlow Church (formerly Parish 218)
1965 / 1981 / Cons 2000
Architect Lanner Construction (design & build)
St Ambrose Parish House, Lark Hill, Astley, Manchester M29 7DZ
St Richard of Chichester Church (formerly Parish 119)
1894 / 1928
Architect H Greenhalgh; refurbished 1991 by Pozzoni Design Group
Mayfield Street, Atherton, Manchester M46 0AQ
Bapt Reg 1865, Marr Reg 1869 at Holy Family, Boothstown
Schools PS 66, 67, 77, 114 &136, HS 270
Sacred Heart Parish Centre Tel (01942) 882464
St Richard's Parish Centre Tel (01942) 882125
St Richard's Card and Bookshop open after M on Sun and Tue

In Parish

The Spinney (psychiatric hospital), Leigh Cemetery, Rowans, Alderwood, The Maples