Archdiocese of Liverpool
Department of Education

School Organisation

We work closely and proactively with our schools and local authority partners to provide a place at a Catholic school for all Catholic children living in the areas served by the Archdiocese. For primary school-age children we aim to provide a place at a Catholic school within reasonable travel distance of the home address of the family (defined as two miles by local authorities) and will ideally, but not necessarily, be within the parish of residence. 

Local authorities have a statutory duty to provide sufficient school places in their area for both primary and secondary school age children and must also ensure that there are sufficient schools to promote diversity and parental choice. We will continue to work closely with our local authority partners to deliver both a number of school places that match projected demand based on local data and that, additionally, the anticipated demand for Catholic places is taken into account, including within the context of any local expansion proposals. 

There are several contemporary examples of Catholic school expansion projects both presently underway or having been completed in recent years.  In all expansion proposals care is taken to take appropriate decisions in respect of meeting the need for school places while also considering the wider family of schools.

Our schools are encouraged, at any time, to highlight to the Education Department any ‘basic need’ pressures (i.e. those linked to the provision of sufficient school places) but this should generally be aligned with evidence of demonstrable need over two or more consecutive years. 

Further information on school organisation can be obtained by contacting:

Chris Williams – Deputy Director of Education
0151 522 1085 

Helen McKie - Principal Officer, Strategic Planning & Access
0151 522 1075 

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