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The Governing Body of a voluntary aided school is responsible for the school’s adherence to statutory servicing and testing regulations and we strongly recommend that all schools implement a robust system of servicing and inspection supported by appropriately qualified professional advisers. In recent years there have been significant changes to statutory legislation affecting school premises and Governors’ responsibilities are far greater than ever. 

The Archdiocese Education Department has commissioned services that schools can access to assist in meeting their statutory responsibilities and which is comparable to those routine testing and maintenance works historically undertaken by Local Authorities and other providers. 

This will assist Governing Bodies in discharging their statutory obligations in relation to premises and ensure the health, safety and welfare of building users and visitors to the site, assist Headteachers and Governors in concentrating their efforts on the core business of education, and inform schools’ and the Archdiocese’s priorities for capital investment.  Long-term Property Management should provide greater visibility and co-ordination of all property related issues to the benefit of capital investment decisions and best use of resources.

For schools in Liverpool, Halton, Knowsley, Sefton and Warrington this service is provided by Cunliffe Surveyors and further information can be obtained by contacting Gail Wilson at or 0151 944 2030.

For schools in Liverpool, Lancashire, St Helens and Wigan this service is provided by Arcadis (formerly EC Harris) and further information can be obtained by contacting James Murphy at or 07900 703 601.

Alternatively, further information on capital matters can be obtained from the following officers at 

Chris Williams – Deputy Director of Education
0151 522 1085 

Helen McKie - Principal Officer, Strategic Planning & Access
0151 522 1071 


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