Two approaches to Lent

By Steve Atherton

Christmas has only just gone and Lent is upon us. Sometimes people say they are not giving anything up for Lent but instead are going to do something extra. With this in mind, the Archdiocese's Justice and Peace Commission has been busy preparing two different resources to help us with either of these approaches to the penitential season, which begins on 10 February and runs until 27 March. 

Giving something up
ZimFare is the name of our Lenten challenge which we have organised in partnership with Progressio, a Catholic NGO that works in Zimbabwe. Frank Cottrell-Boyce was our special guest when we launched the project on 28 January and we hope it will help participants gain a small insight into the lives of ordinary poor people in Zimbabwe by eating only Zimbabwean food for five days during Lent. This can be five days in a row or one day each week. The money saved can be donated to Progressio, to support its projects in Zimbabwe. We are recommending the following two dishes:

• Sadza: a staple porridge-like food made from cornmeal (polenta)
• Chakalaka: a spicy dish of onions and peppers
Recipes for both are available on the diocesan website.

Doing something extra
Mercy and Our Common Home is the name of a series of evening reflections that link the Sunday Gospels of Lent to quotations from Laudato Si' and the idea of the Year of Mercy. The aim of these sessions is to help us answer the question "What does Mercy look like in our lives?". The idea is for parishes to run a session in each of the five weeks of Lent, using the booklet that is available from the J&P office at LACE. This work has been organised in conjunction with Cafod Liverpool.