Worth a visit: New York City

By Lucy Oliver

Plan a trip to a city which has welcomed migrants for generations, and pay a special visit to a cathedral named after a saint who followed God's call wherever it took him.

New York City is famous for many reasons, and from the skyline to the theatre district, its lure to those seeking fame, fortune or just a good time is evident. Yet in the heart of Fifth Avenue, nestled between multi-billion dollar businesses, one building stands to welcome all.

Today, it is difficult to believe that the cathedral was once criticised for being too far outside the city. St Patrick's is a monument which would meet the approval of the man who dedicated himself, among other missionary works, to building churches across Ireland. Completed in 1879 and named after its Dublin counterpart, it was funded by contributions from New York's poor immigrant population and pledges from more affluent citizens.

During your trip to the Big Apple, explore also the life of New York's early immigrants by visiting Ellis Island, whose wonderful museum documents life for those arriving in the 19th century. From the basic facilities to the isolation, it is a story of struggle as much as of hope for a new life.