Standing united in our desire for peace

A statement on the terrorist attack in Brussels from Liverpool faith leaders and representatives on the Merseyside Council of Faiths:
As leaders and representatives of faith communities on Merseyside, we join with people of faith across the world in condemning the attacks in Brussels. The explosions at Zaventem International Airport and the Maelbeek Metro Station were directed indiscriminately against groups of innocent people of all faiths and backgrounds. Terrorism seeks to destroy our lives of peaceful coexistence and disrupt the functioning of society. All the faith communities in Merseyside stand united in our desire for peace and justice for all humanity, and we disassociate ourselves from perpetrators who claim they act in the name of religion.
Within our different communities we pray for all those affected by the attacks, and those who care for the injured and the bereaved, and we commit to work together against those who seek to harm.
The Right Reverend Paul Bayes (Bishop of Liverpool)
The Most Reverend Malcolm McMahon (Archbishop of Liverpool)
The Reverend Dr Sheryl Anderson (Chair of Methodist District)
Mr Galib Khan (Abdullah Quilliam Mosque)
Rabbi Daniel Lieberman (Allerton Hebrew Congregation)
Rabbi Martin van den Bergh (Chlldwall Hebrew Congregation)
The Reverend Jacky Embry (URC Moderator of the Mersey Synod)
Merseyside Council of Faiths
Dr Shiv Pande (Chair – Hindu)
The Revd Dr Crispin Pailing (Christian)
Mr Z Chaudhry (Muslim)
Mr M Khan (Muslim)
Mrs M Saleh (Muslim)
Mr D Coleman (Jewish)
Mr B Levene (Jewish)
Rev Canon C Dowdle
Ms A Merry
Mr B Levene (Jewish)
Mr U Russell (Christian)
Mr H Singh Sohal (Sikh)
Mrs I Hall
Mr P Lodge
Professor E Harris
Dr M Thompson
Dr J Vithlani (Hindu)
Mr C Schroder (Ba'hai)
Mrs N Daniel
Ms K Gogden (Buddhist)