Easter Message from Archbishop Malcolm McMahon OP

Dear friends,

During the Easter season we bask in the light of Christ. Jesus said he was the Light of the World, so my prayer this Easter is that this light will shine into the dark corners of our world where there is war and deprivation; where people are made homeless by strife and persecuted for their religion; where there is ignorance and intolerance. 
May Christ's light enter the hearts of world leaders so that by their decisions and action the world may be a safe place where children can grow up in the security of loving homes, and look forward to a happy and fulfilled future.
Let the light of Christ into your own lives and those of your families. And may it bring you an inner peace and joy as you experience the mercy of God every day in the ordinary things you do.
May the risen Lord bless you and your families during this Easter season.
+Malcolm McMahon OP
Archbishop of Liverpool