Nugent Care reveals vision for future

Strategic plan for 2016–20

At Nugent Care we celebrated our 135th anniversary in April, a time to reflect and confirm our dedication to upholding the kind and essential work started by Father Nugent in 1881.
It is also a time to look forward, however, and in the same month we revealed our ambitious and exciting plans to ensure we continue to help the most vulnerable people in our communities.
At our Start of the Year conference at the Museum of Liverpool we announced our strategic plan for 2016–20 in the presence of the lord lieutenant of Liverpool, Dame Lorna Muirhead DBE, the lord mayor and lady mayoress of Liverpool, Tony and Ann Conception, and staff and trustees led by our chair, Father Michael Fitzsimons.
The new strategic plan outlines our new mission, vision and values and has been a year in the making. It has involved service users, staff, volunteers and stakeholders across the organisation in consultation in order to develop not just ideas and rhetoric, but real missions and values aimed at improving people's lives. The consultation helped us to define our vision: to be an entirely dignified and outstanding organisation by 2020. This ambitious vision is delivered through a set of common values which will form the foundation of our work.
The conference was the first step in making our aims a reality, giving us the confidence in our ambitions and committing ourselves to delivering for our people.
This commitment reaches across our relationships with parishes within the Archdiocese, and relates directly to our faith-based origins within Catholic Social Teaching including: human dignity, community and participation, peace and reconciliation, care for creation and dignity in work.
We hope you will join us on our journey to create a fairer and more equal society for everyone, create better lives for the people who need us and be the voice of the voiceless.