Celebrations in honour of Saint Julie

Special anniversary for Woolton school

This is a special year for St Julie's Catholic High School in Woolton as 8 April marked the 200th anniversary of the death of their patron saint, Julie Billiart SND. To celebrate her ongoing legacy, the school community went in pilgrimage to the Metropolitan Cathedral on 30 March for a service to honour her. They were joined by Sisters of Notre Dame from across the north-west.
Notre Dame schools throughout the country sent video messages and a specially commissioned baton was passed by the Sisters of Notre Dame to members of the school community of all ages. This baton was then carried round the Cathedral culminating in the school's youngest pupil proclaiming her pride in picking up and carrying this baton as a symbol of the continuing work of Saint Julie.
Members of the 1804 Society – the school council named after the Sisters of Notre Dame's year of foundation – had earlier made a walking pilgrimage of the sites within Liverpool associated with the Sisters. They then carried the school banner and flags up the steps to the Cathedral entrance, flanked by over 1,100 pupils and staff who cheered and clapped them.
The choir sang 'World in Union' while other hymns were led by the school's music ministry team – notably the new school hymn 'My Lighthouse'. The service ended with everyone committing to live out the St Julie's motto of 'Serve the good God well with much liberty of spirit'.