'Remain in the truth'

Archbishop's Hillsborough tribute

Archbishop Malcolm took part in the Hillsborough Vigil at St George's Hall alongside other church leaders from the City. Addressing the thousands in the crowd he spoke of the way in which the defiance of the Hillsborough families has cemented the bonds between communities in the city saying, "Our identity has been enhanced by this struggle for justice that has united us as citizens of this city at a very deep level. As people of this city we now share an even deeper bond of friendship and enjoy a greater sense of community."

He went on to salute the families as an inspiration and underlined the city's pride in their battle for justice. Looking to the future he added, "Our task now is to remain in the truth. As those who are responsible for causing this terrible tragedy are called to account for their actions, we must not be vengeful but follow the example of dignity that has characterised the families of the victims over the last years. We should be proud of the achievement of the people in calling the justice system of our country to account. This will undoubtedly be of benefit to our people in the future."

Before leading the Vigil he remembered the 96 saying, "May they rest in peace, to be forever remembered in the hearts and minds of the people of Liverpool."