News of the Knights of St Columba, Liverpool Province

Knights assist with fundraising for child's heart operation

The far-reaching efforts of Liverpool members of the KSC were underlined at a recent meeting of the provincial council when Brother Pat Foley – our provincial grand knight – read out a letter from a woman in the Philippines.

The missive, received by Brother Peter Cherry, was from Raquel Aquino Gonzalvo, mother of a two-year-old boy Lucas, who requires surgery for a severe congenital heart condition known as Tetralogy of Fallot. The Knights have been raising funds for this cause and around £9,000 is required for the operation in addition to the cost of hospitalisation. A fundraising campaign – involving the sale of 'Heart Warrior' t-shirts and mugs – is being conducted by the family, but they need more support. To date, the Knights have contributed £300 and will continue to seek further funds to help the family.

The letter sent to Brother Cherry was in response to an initial donation of £200 and it read: "Thank you so much for your generous donation of £200 to Lucas. Your donation was added to the savings for Lucas's open heart surgery. Again many thanks for your support. It means the world to us. Yours truly, Raquel Aquino Gonzalvo, Heart Mom." Our photo shows Lucas with his mother Raquel and family friend María.

If anyone wishes to donate to this worthy cause please contact Michael Cherry via

• We were pleased to welcome three new members who were admitted to the Order during Mass at Saint Richard's, Bootle on Sunday 29 May. They are Thomas Lonan, Vincent Gilligan and Terence Noonan, pictured here with fellow members following the ceremony.

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