Sky's the limit for school fundraisers

Carleton House sponsorship drive

From a head teacher's sky dive to a summer ball via a family fun run, one south Liverpool primary school has gone to impressive lengths to raise money to provide a specially trained support dog for a child with autism.

Carleton House Preparatory School, an independent Catholic primary school on Menlove Avenue, raised a total of £20,030 during a six-month fundraising drive in aid of the Support Dogs UK charity. The charity supplies assistance dogs for people living with epilepsy, autism and disability, and it showed its gratitude to Carleton House when presenting head teacher Mrs Daniels with an award for School of the Year 2016 at its annual awards ceremony in November.

Mrs Daniels, whose sky dive had been at the heart of her school's efforts, said: "We are thrilled that Support Dogs have been able to source and train a dog for a very special family. She has been named Carly by the children, just a nod towards the name of our school, and we will continue to support her through annual sponsorship."

Explaining the work of Support Dogs UK, Mrs Daniels added: "Many come from rescue centres as the charity does not have its own breeding programme. Some are gifted and others are family pets. Two years of intensive training produces dogs that can transform lives. Seizure-alert dogs, which can give up to 55 minutes' warning of a seizure, not only give their owners independence but save them from serious harm, restoring their dignity and improving their quality of life. The charity also trains dogs to support young children with autism, bringing positive change not just to the life of a child but that of their whole family."

The pupils at Carleton House saw the fruits of their efforts when Jay, the black Labrador trained thanks to their donation, attended the school's prize night. To find out more about Support Dogs UK, ring Danny Anderson on 0114 261 7800 or visit