Liverpool academy spearheads pilgrimage project

Pilgrimage into Adult Life for 16 to 18-year-olds

Ten sixth-formers from the Academy of St Francis of Assisi are taking part in a pioneering pilgrimage across the north-west.

In collaboration with Chester Cathedral, the Pilgrimage into Adult Life is aimed at providing support and guidance for 16–18-year-olds as they prepare to face the world beyond school. The project, conceived by Claire Henderson Davis, contemporary performance artist and theologian-in-residence at Chester Cathedral, addresses important themes such as separation from childhood and parents, hopes and expectations, work, relationships and vocations.

These themes will be explored during the first year of the two-year programme through day-long retreats at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, Chester Cathedral, St Asaph Cathedral and Bangor Cathedral. The initiative will culminate in 2018 with a seven-day pilgrimage walk along the famous North Wales Pilgrims Trail.

The project is based on the Christian values of respect, care, compassion, peace and reconciliation but is open to students of all faiths and backgrounds. Claire Henderson Davis says: "The idea for the Pilgrimage into Adult Life came after tutoring the son of a friend over the two years of his sixth form. I am honoured to be working with the students from the Academy of St Francis of Assisi."