ACN exhibition fund-raiser for Syria's suffering Christians

By Dr Caroline Hull

"We have been in Lent for five years now and I wish one day for the resurrection of Syria, Iraq and the Middle East." These are the words of Sister Annie Demerjian, who lives and works in the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo.

Inspired by Sister Annie's faith in the face of extreme hardship, the north-west team of Aid to the Church in Need – the Catholic charity for persecuted Christians – has assembled 'ACN Portraits of Faith: Syria's Christians Search for Peace', an exhibition featuring artworks and crafts made in Syria by Christians who suffer for their faith.

Ten paintings by Farid Georges, a Syriac Orthodox artist who chronicled the destruction of his beloved city of Homs, will be displayed alongside handmade table linens created by three Christian women who work by candlelight to support their families in Aleppo.

More than 100 drawings by Syrian children of all faiths will also be on view. These are some of over one million drawings sent by young Syrians to the European Parliament, accompanying a petition signed by the children asking for help to achieve peace.

Photographs from ACN's extensive archive tell the stories of some of the thousands of Christians remaining in Syria, including Annie and Sarkis, a Christian couple who fell in love as they struggled to survive in Aleppo.

'Syria's Christians Search for Peace' will be showing at Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral from 10am–4pm on Saturday 22 July and Sunday 23 July. Entrance is free and all donations will go towards supplying emergency aid to Christian families in Aleppo, Homs and elsewhere in Syria.

Through the exhibition, ACN is raising awareness about the plight of Christians in war-torn Syria and funds to support at least 25 Christian families in Syria for one year. To make a donation or to learn more, contact Dr Caroline Hull: