From the Archbishop's desk: January 2018

By Archbishop Malcolm McMahon

One of the hazards of being tall is that I look up more often than I should. Inevitably I trip over things from time to time which brings me down to earth with a bump. Sometimes people think I am being rude because I don't acknowledge them if they are below my line of sight, and that can get me into trouble too.

Of course, there are some advantages to being tall such as being able to see over the heads of a crowd or lifting luggage onto the rack in the train, but being able to look over and beyond our past and present experience and see further is something that everyone can do.
During the Christmas season, we were encouraged to look up by the shepherds who in seeing the night sky filled with angels glorifying and praising God, were led to someone who was very down to earth, God's son, Jesus. The wise men also looked up and saw a star which led them to the true King. They prostrated themselves on the ground before him and offered the homage due to a king.
So throughout the year ahead we should keep looking up because in broadening our vision and taking in the magnificence of the creation – even if (or maybe especially as!) it is likely that sooner or later we will trip over and find ourselves humbled – it is there that we will surely encounter the Lord.