Memorial forest funds donated to hospice

St Joseph's 'very grateful for ongoing support'

A national memorial forest charity has donated £3,000 to St Joseph's Hospice in Thornton, bringing its total donations to the hospice to £30,000 over the last 15 years.

Life for a Life Memorial Forests, a not-for-profit charity based in Greater Manchester, helps bereaved families to remember their loved ones by planting native trees, such as English Oak, Silver Birch, Mountain Ash and Scots Pine, in woodlands in their memory. Almost 300 memorial trees surround St Joseph's Hospice and families regularly visit to spend time there and remember family or friends.

As part of its commitment to St Joseph's Hospice and every family that buys a tree, Life for a Life guarantees the life of each tree and will manage and maintain each forest for a minimum of 25 years with some agreements stretching over 50 years.

St Joseph's Hospice chief executive Mike Parr received the first half of the donation in January and it is being used to part-fund two new secure log cabins for on-site storage of clinical equipment.

Parr said: "We've worked in partnership with Life for a Life Memorial Forests for over 15 years now and we are very grateful for their ongoing support. They provide a wonderful and meaningful service to bereaved families, leaving them with a very special and long-term tribute to their loved ones as well as a special place to go and feel close to them. They also do a wonderful job of maintaining our forests, something which would otherwise be really costly to the hospice."