Union of Catholic Mothers: April 2018

By Maria Bruns

Pope Francis's encyclical Laudato si' was the focus of our recent study evening – an opportunity for us to reflect on the Pontiff’s message that he wants to bring the whole human family together in a new dialogue about how we shape the future of our planet, and that this should include everyone since the challenges we face affect us all.

Pope Francis's appeal is to protect our common home, to seek sustainable and integral development. Humanity still has the ability to work together in building our common home which we share and the worldwide ecological movement has made considerable progress, with numerous organisations committed to raising awareness of these challenges.

Kathy Buck, Margaret Kerbey and Margaret McDonald gave a presentation on ‘Ecology, Environment and Pollution’ in which we heard some arresting statistics: 2016 was the hottest year ever recorded; 16 of the hottest years on record have come in this century; there has been a 73% increase in droughts and floods. The list goes on: global warming, rising sea levels, extreme weather, melting of the polar icecaps. Everything we buy has a footprint.

Unfortunately – if perhaps appropriately – we were forced to abandon the meeting due to adverse weather, but those who attended were enthralled. We hope to organise a repeat in the spring.

• The first Friday in March was Women's World Day of Prayer and this year’s theme was ‘All God’s Creation is Very Good!’ – a theme chosen by the Christian women of Suriname. Situated on the north-east coast of South America, Suriname is made up mainly of rainforests, mountains and rivers, and is rich with animals and vegetation, providing much food for all. The Women's World Day of Prayer was set up by an ecumenical group in 1953 and is now celebrated in some 170 countries, its message translated into 60 languages. The day’s readings were chosen from the book of Genesis 1:1-31.

‘We come with our gifts representing the country, the culture and ethnic diversity of its people. We thank God for the rich natural world He has created and which he has entrusted to our care.’
Response: All God's creation is very good.

• Notices:
21 April – AGM
28 April – National Presidents’ Triennial Mass at St Anne's, Rock Ferry