Cathedral diary: June 2018

By Canon Anthony O'Brien

• The Cathedral and Nugent Care jointly sponsored the concert by The Priests at the Philharmonic Hall on 1 June. A full house was the expectation for what promised to be an enjoyable night's entertainment.
• Throughout the month there are a number of annual Cathedral services, beginning with the schools' Good Shepherd Mass on 6 June. There are also eleven diocesan priests celebrating Jubilees this year, ranging from platinum to ruby (but no silver!) – with the most senior priest, Father Gerry Britt, celebrating 70 years of priesthood. There was a joint Mass to mark these Jubilees at the Cathedral on 8 June. Then, on Sunday 10 June at 3pm, three candidates were ordained to the permanent diaconate. Finally, the Union of Catholic Mothers had its annual Mass on 13 June, and the Knights of St Columba theirs on 16 June.
• Hope University staged a week-long series of events and conference talks for young people of faith from across the globe entitled 'The Big Hope'. They marked the start of this festival at Liverpool Cathedral on 13 June and ended with a closing ceremony at our Cathedral on 19 June.
• We were requested by the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham to be the first Cathedral to host a visit of the Walsingham Statue. It arrived at 5pm on Thursday 21 June, and there was a welcome Mass and reception of the statue followed by a time for private prayer and devotions in the Cathedral. On Friday school visits took place during the day and then in the evening Archbishop Malcolm celebrated Mass at 7pm. The statue departed after Mass on Saturday morning.