Union of Catholic Mothers: September 2018

By Madelaine McDonald

Ladies, this is another call to action on the abortion front. A group of MPs are now campaigning to remove abortion from the criminal law – in other words, the complete decriminalisation of abortion. Now this may sound very compassionate towards the pregnant mother, but what does it imply? If it is no longer a crime to abort a baby, then this awful procedure could be carried out up to full term, with abortion on demand for any reason, right up to birth. Please do not think that this is impossible as similar legislation is already on the statute books of two states in Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

The time for thinking that other people will do something is over. Now is the time for each and every one of us to take action. There are over 600 UCM members in our Archdiocese, so let’s take a united stand and write a few lines or send a short email to our MPs, asking them not to support such a proposal. After all, they are our representatives and should take note of what we say, particularly if they receive a sizeable number of individual requests on the same subject. This can also apply to anybody else who reads this column; please take action now.

• Father David Potter, the UCM spiritual adviser, gave a thought-provoking and timely homily at our recent bi-monthly Mass at St Bede's, Widnes. He said: ‘We’re seeing in our age an attempt to push faith and the Church out of their rightful place. The bogus redefining of marriage to include unions between same-sex couples; the lack of respect for religious conscience; the pressure to decriminalise abortion entirely; the insane and surreal ideology of transgenderism. All speak of a society which is losing its moorings and forgetting the Christian rock from which it is hewn.’ And yet, as he added: ‘It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.’ Prayer and action can produce wonders, so over to you, ladies.

• Our next bi-monthly Mass takes place at St Gregory's, Lydiate on Wednesday 12 September at 7.30pm.