Great Fire is hot topic at Our Lady of Lourdes

By Carole Baker

The Great Fire of London became a particularly hot topic for pupils at one Birkdale primary school last
month – thanks to the local fire brigade.

The Year 2 children at Our Lady of Lourdes, who had been learning about the Great Fire of 1666,
received a sudden demonstration of firefighting on their own playground on 12 October as a fire engine turned up and the crew proceeded to light a fire before showing the youngsters how to put it out. The
children also had the opportunity to hold the hosepipes and climb on the rig.

It proved a colourful week overall at Our Lady’s, with pupils marking World Mental Health Awareness
Day on 10 October by wearing a yellow item of clothing with their uniform. Two days later, Year 5 and 6 pupils were encouraged to come into school with brightly coloured hair, hats, socks and shoes and bring with them a donation for Cafod’s ‘Brighten Up’ project – an initiative which raised over £300.