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Peter Cusick

The Archdiocese of Liverpool has been experiencing very serious issues with a former seminarian, Peter Cusick, who has repeatedly made false allegations against priests, diocesan officers, and others, in the Church. This culminated in the Archdiocese successfully obtaining a civil injunction against him in July 2019 which remains in place.

Despite this successful legal step to stop his course of conduct, it has become apparent that Peter Cusick continues to make untrue comments and allegations, contacting people across the Church in England and Wales via social media. In recent days, and in breach of the injunction, he has launched a campaign of disinformation using various Facebook accounts.

As a matter of urgency, the Archdiocese of Liverpool is working with the Police and legal advisers to take further action to address these false allegations, as are others who have been subjected to his false and malicious campaign. Should you receive or become aware of such an approach then please forward the details (including screen shots where possible), without acknowledgement or reply, to the Chief Operating Officer’s Department at info@rcaol.org.uk (0151 522 1056) so we can ensure that the evidence is put before the Police and Court.

Mr Cusick has never been prevented from making his allegations to the Police or Local Authority; he has signally failed to do so.

21 05 2020