Why Faith in Action needs you!

Appeal for moderators to aid scheme

src=../userfiles/files/cymfed-1.png&w=249&h=&cx=0&cy=3&cw=797&ch=354&resizeCrop=true Two years ago the Archdiocese of Liverpool was one of the first in the country to launch a Faith in Action scheme.

It is an initiative that could be called a ‘Catholic Duke of Edinburgh’ scheme in that young people are asked to put their faith into action and reflect on the work they have completed in the light of Church teaching and tradition. For that, they are awarded either a bronze, silver or gold award.

Since the launch, the numbers taking part have grown tremendously. This year we have over 1,100 participants and it is fantastic that such large numbers are putting their faith into action across the diocese. However, this also presents a small logistical problem. At the end of the academic year, each young person must submit a final ‘piece’ bringing together all they have done through the year and demonstrating their growth in faith through their work and reflections. This is not an exam and nor is it an essay: it can be a poster or a video of themselves. Yet however the piece is presented, it must be moderated.

Moderation is really affirming the young person in the work they have done and encouraging them to move on to the next stage of the scheme. To be an FIA moderator does not require any background in teaching or in studying theology. What is required are people willing to read through some final pieces from young people in different schools and parishes and offer a few words on a feedback sheet.

In a world where we are all so busy, I am aware that asking for more might be difficult but the commitment is only a few hours during the summer term and the moderation can be done at your home and in your own time. The role of the moderator is vital to the continuing success of the award and I hope some readers might be interested in helping out.

If you would like more information, please call Father Simon Gore on 01744 740467/740460 or email s.gore@animateyouth.co.uk.