Liverpool Catholics reclaim the streets in Holy Week

1253427572_036.jpg 2022721917_DSC00656.jpg 1650738387_DSC00645.jpg Catholics from three Liverpool parishes who share a parish priest have used Holy Week to evangelise and reclaim the streets for the Lord.

With Holy Week services held in the three different church buildings parishioners decided to give witness to their worship and the Holy week pilgrimage and process between the three churches after each service.

Following the Mass of the Lord's Supper in St Patrick's church parishioners went 'walkabout' to the church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel to watch at the Altar of Repose. After celebrating the Lord's Passion there on Good Friday they took to the streets again in preparation for the Easter Vigil in the church of St Vincent de Paul.

What was noticeable was the number of passers by who made the Sign of the Cross as the walkers passed, prompting parish Priest, Father John Southworth to say: 'Faith is still alive and well!'