Nugent celebrates dedication and hard work of volunteers

By Colin Pryor

‘When you forget yourself and think of others, this is love.’ Pope Francis

This month during Nugent's volunteers week, we celebrate and say thank you to our amazing volunteer teams – people who give their time in so many ways to help us help others.

Across 2017/18 our 150-plus volunteers gave over 12,400 hours to supporting our people – that’s the equivalent of over £97,000 in unpaid work. Volunteers are vital to the smooth running of our charity. We have volunteers who have been involved with us for over 30 years, which is a testament to their dedicated commitment and the hard work they do for Nugent.

From trustees and campaigners to carers and fundraisers, we have people from all walks of life contributing to the lives of others, giving up their time, and bringing energy, dedication, passion and dignity to the work they do.

Their vital work includes driving minibuses to take residents out on day trips, serving customers in our charity shop, running community groups for people with disabilities, and helping the older people in our care enjoy art and music.

If you have some time to give, please contact our volunteer coordinator Colin Pryor: tel: 0151 261 2041/07909925594; email: