Palm Sunday and the Blessing of the Youth Pilgrimage Cross

1795619561_PalmSunday4.jpg 1219363726_PalmSunday8.jpg 1401322393_Palm Sunday 5.jpg Archbishop Patrick Kelly presided at two major celebrations in the Archdiocese for Palm Sunday.

The first was Solemn Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King at which the Youth Pilgrimage Cross was blessed and given to the care of Animate Youth Ministries. It will now be taken to each area of the Archdiocese and to Lourdes during the annual pilgrimage in July. More information can be found at

The second celebration for World Youth Day was the monthly Youth Alive Mass celebrated at 6 pm in the Church of St Anthony of Padua, Mossley Hill.

Introduction to Mass and homilies preached by the Most Reverend Patrick Kelly, Archbishop of Liverpool, at Solemn Mass on Palm Sunday. 11.00 am on 28 March 2010 in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool.

Introduction to Mass:

‘The fullness of charity, gift, salvation’: those words of Pope Benedict’s letter for Lent this year will guide us here at the Cathedral of Christ the King this Holy Week: the fullness of charity, gift, salvation: Lent has helped us to realise: I need the charity, the sheer merciful love of God: I need a gift beyond all my deserving: I need salvation, healing, wholeness of body, mind, spirit. Today we acclaim him who alone brings all this in fullness.

Homily after the Blessing of the Palms:

We have just echoed the song of the angels of Christmas Night: peace: glory. That night we sang because: Today a Saviour has been born for us: he is Christ the Lord: gift for he is born for us: salvation, for he is Saviour: charity for it is because God so loved the world. And now the story of that night comes to fullness. With angels, saints, children, we rejoice and declare as our Cathedral crown does, for all to see: Christ, yes, even him crucified, is our King.


The fullness of charity, gift, salvation: Of charity: love for the loveless to the fullness: so he declares: I have longed for this Passover feast: and from now on I will not eat or drink until the freedom from slavery promised in the old Passover is fulfilled in freedom from slavery to sin by my body given, my blood poured out for you. I will drink the cup owed to you even if it causes me to sweat blood in the wrestling to be merciful to the merciless, to forgive hammering executioners. Fullness of gift: ‘Father, into your hands I commit my spirit’: I give my all. Fullness of salvation: today you will be with me in Paradise.