Cathedral diary: July 2019

By Canon Anthony O'Brien

Here at the Cathedral we have our final Synod listening meeting at the beginning of the month. Along with most of our parishes, we have tried to reach out to engage with people in a variety of ways. This has included setting up a Synod 'pop-up shop' on the Piazza as a listening station, having our own special Synod Sunday 'listening day' as well as further afternoon and evening meetings. At the time of writing I am not sure what response we will get, but we are hoping the extra incentive of a free set of rosary beads will draw people in.

On Sunday 7 July, at 3pm, Archbishop Malcolm will ordain four men to serve as deacons in parishes within this Archdiocese. They are Gergely Juhasz, Peter Mawtus, Michael Moffat and Paul Rooney.

The following weekend, on Saturday 13 July, our Cathedral choirs will be teaming up with the Crosby Symphony Orchestra for an end-of-term celebratory concert in the Cathedral, starting at 7.30pm and open to the public. Then, on Sunday 14th and prior to the start of the Liverpool Archdiocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes, the Departure Mass will be celebrated in the Cathedral from 5pm.

We end the month with a week-long celebration of Hope University graduations. The Cathedral always enjoys hosting Hope's graduation ceremonies, which are always joyful and respectful occasions; we have visitors from across the world in attendance who really appreciate the fact that these events take place in the Cathedral and have a religious dimension.

Life at the Cathedral will, of course, continue throughout the subsequent summer holiday period, but whether you will be holidaying at home or abroad, I wish you all an enjoyable time.