Worth a visit: August 2019

By Lucy Oliver

Those of you seeking an adventure further afield, why not consider a trip to the highest administrative capital in the world.

At 3,500m above sea level, La Paz in Bolivia is a city like no other. And its Mi Teleférico cable car – which services the entire city – is a way to travel like no other either. As you ascend, admire the views over the hilltop Mirador Killi Killi, and reach the Plaza Murillo with its presidential palace and cathedral. Take a stroll through this square to see Bolivian ladies in traditional dress and bowler hats enjoying the gardens.

Elsewhere, the landmark 18th century Church of San Francisco boasts panoramic rooftop views over the incredible Valley of the Moon below. This natural and ever-changing rock formation is a must, to be visited by bus and explored on foot. With each rainfall, the clay shifts and alters, and locals have chosen apt names for some of the formations – identifying the ‘lady’s hat’, for instance. Keen Star Wars fans, meanwhile, have positioned iconic memorabilia – the AT-AT walker – to greet you at the entrance.

In La Paz, beauty is found in the surprising harmony between cultures in this veritable ‘city in the clouds’.