Sweet Taste of Success in Rainhill

1438027966_Cafod003.jpg Children from St Bartholomew’s RC Primary School, Rainhill, decided to take up the Cafod challenge to ‘Give it up!’ and set about raising money for the purchase of beehives.

Every week in assembly, each class added a beehive to a bar chart for every £6 they had raised.  The foyer of the school was awash with buzzy bees, hives and honey!  There were bees among the trees outside, bees on jumpers and lots of honey money pouring in!  In total, the school raised a magnificent £979 for Cafod and the children are still buzzing with it!

On top of this , they also recently raised £309.92 for Nugent Care, £116.30 for Haiti and over £200 for Big Yellow Friday, a fundraiser for the Liver Foundation.  This was started by pupil Callum Parr, who received a liver transplant some time ago.