Union of Catholic Mothers: September 2019

By Madelaine McDonald

On Wednesday 31 July, the Blessed Sacrament Foundation hosted a diocesan study evening based on Pope Francis’ document ‘Call to Holiness in Today’s World’.

Forty UCM members from across the diocese were present to discuss the question of how to achieve this. We were split into groups with different aspects under discussion – and many views were put forward about how to attain holiness. Many of us feel that we fall a long way short of this ideal, even if we believe we know others who we consider to be on their way. Moreover, while we are all called to be saints, how do we get there? More Mass attendance? More prayers? Doing our work to the best of our abilities? Putting family first? Giving more to charity? Much more discussion is required, perhaps in our own foundation meetings, but in the meantime, our thanks go to Kathy Buck, our vice-president, and to Sheila Sperinck of St Richard's Foundation for a very interesting evening.

• The UCM committee were invited to the Princes Road Synagogue in Toxteth to take part in a civic ceremony designated as a memorial service for the Muslim people massacred in Srebrenica in 1995. Maria Bruns, deputy president, and I attended the service conducted by Rabbi Ariel Abel and among the congregation were civic leaders and Louise Ellman MP and Canon Susan Jones, dean of the Anglican Cathedral. We met many of our Jewish friends who attended the UCM's annual Mass, including Alderman Eddie Clein and Ruby Endfield, the Jewish Youth president. How important it is that the different faiths in Liverpool maintain such valuable relationships.

• Please note that the date for the September bi-monthly Mass at St Gregory the Great, Lydiate (L31 4HH) has been moved to 18 September from the 11th. The local group will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of the UCM in their parish in 1959.