Cathedral diary: September 2019

By Canon Anthony O'Brien, Cathedral dean

• Not only was August a record month for wet weather but the downpours when they came were from a variety of wind directions which sorely tested the Cathedral’s ability to keep the water out. Thankfully the situation is nowhere near as bad as a few years ago – and recent leak repairs managed to remain watertight –  albeit a few new leaks appeared in less-than-expected places and so we begin September with a new list of repairs to negotiate before the onset of autumn and winter.

• With the start of September the choirs return and the regular schedule of weekly meetings and other activities resume after the summer break. It is good to have had a few weeks of quiet simple liturgies and a quieter atmosphere within the inner working areas of the Cathedral, but after a few weeks of peace it is also good to welcome everyone back.

• We have our Annual Cathedral Community Mass at 11am on Sunday 15 September to mark the beginning of the new term.

• Touring classical choral singers The Sixteen will be giving a concert in our Cathedral on Friday 20 September as part of their annual tour. This year the programme will include early English polyphony as well as pieces by Taverner and MacMillan.

• The Guild of Stephen hold their Annual National Mass at our Cathedral on Saturday 21 September. Archbishop Emeritus Patrick Kelly will be the main celebrant. This Mass is normally celebrated each year at Westminster Cathedral, so it is hoped that with it being in the north altar servers from northern dioceses will take this opportunity to come and take part in the event.