Union of Catholic Mothers: November 2019

By Madelaine McDonald, media officer

On 6 November representatives of Catholic women's groups from around the country celebrated ‘Catholic Women Praying Together’ with a Mass at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in London, followed by lunch. The groups involved included the Union of Catholic Mothers, the Association of Catholic Women, the Catholic Women's League, the Ladies' Ordinariate Group, and Life Ascending.

This event used to be called the Catholic Women of the Year Lunch. It was celebrated for 50 years and featured presentations to outstanding Catholic women. However, since it was becoming too expensive to stage (not to mention the increasing numbers of outstanding Catholic women!), the event was scaled down this year, meaning Mass followed by a light lunch and no presentations. The theme of the Mass was ‘Praying for our Young People’.

By coincidence, Liverpool UCM held its bi-monthly Mass on the same day at St Jerome's Church in Formby. Here, they were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the UCM in that parish, for which we send many congratulations. It is wonderful that we can all join together to be part of an initiative such as 'Catholic Women Praying Together'. We all know how powerful prayer is when we pray together, and for such a good cause.

The event also fitted well with one of the themes for next year’s Synod – ‘How We Pray Together’. The UCM can promise Archbishop Malcolm that we will certainly do just that!