From the Archbishop's desk: December 2019

'The Christ-child is the one I follow, he has my vote'

As I am writing this, the country is in the last weeks before the General Election. Many promises are being made on all sides which are meeting with rebuttals and comments. It can be quite confusing for everyone because we are trying to build our future. We want the best for our children, for the poor and for the future prosperity of our country. It is very important that we make a responsible decision when we come to vote as our security and the future of our world may depend on it. Please do your duty and vote. Don’t leave it to someone else decide for you.
In all the excitement of the election, as Christians we look forward to another kind of future and that is a future that comes to us, not one that we make for ourselves. This month, whatever the outcome of the election, we celebrate Christmas, the feast where our future in God comes to us as his Son, an infant in a manger. In him all the values of world will be turned around. Jesus enables us to see the world with his eyes. This will be a world where the meek will inherit the earth, where the merciful will obtain mercy and where the peacemakers will be called children of God. The Christ-child will speak this message from the manger and through his life, death and resurrection. Ultimately, he is the one who cuts through the confusion. He is the one I follow, and he has my vote.
Most Reverend Malcolm McMahon OP
Archbishop of Liverpool