Union of Catholic Mothers: January 2020

By Madelaine McDonald

Doesn’t the saying go that ‘charity begins at home’? Well, there is one way that we can be good to ourselves and fellow members – namely, the UCM's National Holiday and Rest Home Service (NHRHS).

Any member who is in need of a holiday can apply for funding, to help them to go away for a week or a few days. There are no specific places proposed (mind you, no Caribbean cruises!) but you may choose a hotel, boarding house or retreat house anywhere within reason. Perhaps two people from the same foundation could go together, or if you needed a carer then they could be funded as well.

Another service offered by the scheme ensures help is available towards accommodation costs if a close family member needs to go into hospital in another part of the country and you need to spend time with them.

This wonderful and completely confidential service is available to all members. Contact your foundation’s welfare officer who will contact the Liverpool Archdiocesan welfare officer, Ann Hogg, who will guide you through the process. Ann is very willing to go along to foundation meetings to talk about the NHRHS. This is the body that allows us to have charitable status, so use it, ladies.

I hope to see you at our bi-monthly Mass at 7.30pm on 15 January at St Thomas of Canterbury, Waterloo, L22 1RD. Our annual charity fund cheques will be presented to the following four charities during the Mass: the Priest Training Fund; Child Bereavement UK (nominated by St Joseph's); Working with Giants (nominated by St George's); and PKU (Phenylketonuria) Charitable Fund (nominated by St Clare's). Many thanks to all foundations for their generous contributions.

And finally, let me end by wishing fellow UCM members and all Pic readers a holy, happy and healthy New Year. May 2020 be filled with joy and good news.