Our inspirational Metropolitan Cathedral education service

By Christine Robson, head of education services

Visit the Cathedral during any week of the year and you are likely to see a class of children or young people absorbed and listening to someone who you might assume to be their teacher. It is more than likely that when you look closer the teacher is also listening to one of the members of the cathedral education service!
The cathedral education service is a team of lively volunteers, who have honed their craft over many years as qualified teachers in primary, secondary and tertiary education. They also number a couple of university lecturers and teacher trainers among their ranks. Dedicated to enriching the lives of children and young people through engaging them with the history, art, architecture and religious symbolism of the Cathedral, they bring to life the teaching of Christ in both a practical and a spiritual way.
A visit to the Cathedral is a wonderful way for children to feel that they are part of a Catholic Christian community in a vibrant city of hope and challenge. The history of the site and the story of the building of the Cathedral is a message of inspiration, tenacity, determination and looking with faith to the future. The unique structure mirrors a unique city, open to innovation whilst respecting and valuing the past.
Anne, Beryl, Brendan, Brian, Chris, Christine, Gill, John and Sean are highly skilled, with many different areas of interest and expertise. Together, they are able to offer flexible support for any school visit, and in most cases, can create a guided tour tailored to your particular focus, theme or interests.
As the new year begins, make a visit to the Cathedral an event to look forward to. St Joseph’s Catholic and Anglican High School in Wrexham did just that recently. Over one day, 150 Year 8 children toured the Cathedral with their teachers and helpers, aided by Brendan, Beryl and Christine. Ms Massey, who arranged the visit through Frank, our excellent secretary, wrote to say: ‘Thank you so much for once again allowing us to visit your Cathedral, which has now become a highlight of the school year. We look forward to our visit next year. I would also like to thank you for a well-organised visit that enabled pupils to find more out about the Cathedral. Your tour guides were very knowledgeable and fully engaged all the pupils in their care.’
If you would like to arrange a visit and tour for your class, just email the education service secretary at education@metcathedral.org.uk
If you are looking for a joyful and fruitful way of living your faith by connecting with children and young people at the Cathedral, and you have qualified teacher status, come and join the team. Simply contact myself, Christine Robson, head of education services, at education@metcathedral.org.uk.