Knights of Saint Columba: February 2020

By David Keane

The Knights of Saint Columba have an update on donations made to the Sisters of Mercy’s Mukuru Project in Kenya as well as to Zoe’s Place hospice.

As we have been reporting, our Annual Steve Dooley and Pat McGann Memorial Sponsored Walk raised over £7,000 for Zoe’s Place and for the Sisters Of Mercy Mukuru Project in Kenya. The presentations were made at our Christmas Party at Liverpool Cricket Club on 13 December.

In a letter of thanks since received from the chair of the Mukuru Project, Colette Foulkes says that the donation was an answer to the Sisters' prayers because 2019 had been a particularly tough year for the project. The World Food Programme has stopped supplying food, and they are struggling to feed 6,500 children daily. This money will help so much and on behalf of the children they send thanks to all who walked and those who made the donation possible.

Tess McGrath, community fundraiser from Zoe’s Place, also followed up the presentation with a message of thanks setting out how the donation will help, besides being a further contribution to the hospice's £1.6 billion yearly funding target. The donation can provide respite care for over 55 families across the north-west and North Wales as well as palliative care. The amount raised can help fund 24 physiotherapy sessions over a three-month period in the hydrotherapy pool, giving exercise and pain relief to babies, or twice-weekly art therapy sessions spanning 46 weeks. All at Zoe’s Place appreciate the efforts the Knights have made in aid of the work of the hospice.