Mensa Christi

Paul Grady, a student from Ushaw College, writes from the Holy Land.

Alarm bells rang out at 5 am this morning for many of the group who chose to gather at the sea-edge to watch the sunrise over the water which had been the site of John's account of Jesus appearing to the Disciples at that time.  This experience was recalled and meditated upon by Father Mark during Mass at Mensa Christi, the rock where Christ prepared some breakfast.

The group then visited Kursi, the site of the curing of the Gerasene Demoniac where the hill falls into the sea.  We also visited Ceasarea Phillipi where the source of the River Jordan is to be found and also the Temple dedicated to Pan.  Despite the heat we managed to cool off with a renewal of baptismal promises and a sprinkling with ice cold water from the river.

Lunch was at a Kibbutz where people go to live if they are in need of somewhere to work.  They live and support the community and the Kibbutz project.

The afternoon was spent relaxing with a swim in the Sea of Galilee with fish nibbling our toes and time to unwind and take in the days experience through the heat of the evening.  There was even time for a chat and a game of volleyball in the pool with a group of Anglican Ministers from London and a group of locals on holiday at this popular resort.