Cathedral diary: July 2020

By Canon Anthony O'Brien, Cathedral dean

After a period of almost three months I was delighted to announce that finally the Cathedral doors were opened again on Wednesday 1 July. It was a joy to see the Cathedral slowly come back to life with people visiting, and with the building once again resuming its role as a house of prayer for all.
We had spent a couple of weeks preparing the Cathedral and developing procedures in line with current guidance to ensure that all who came here would feel confident that their safety was being ensured as much as practically possible.

However, this means that not everything that we are used to doing when visiting the Cathedral will be available at first. Please be patient – it is better to start simply and gradually reintroduce more facilities as we become more familiar with the new protocols that must be in place to maintain a safe environment. The times of opening and safety procedures that have to be followed are listed below – none of this is to impede your visiting but rather to help you feel confident about being able to come to the Cathedral and feel safe while you are here.
Our temporary opening times are 12 noon to 4pm, seven days a week.
The public celebrations of Mass at the Cathedral restarted the weekend of 11/12 July. There is a Saturday Vigil Mass at 4pm and two masses on Sunday mornings at 9am and 11am. All celebrations of Mass both at the weekend and during the week – at 12 noon – are in the main Cathedral at the High Altar. We are continuing to live stream the 11am Mass on Sunday for those unable to attend in person.