Wisdom Day for Catechists

Wisdom for Catechists: Saturday 3 July 2010
A review by Geoffrey Bryan of St. Anne and St. Bernard’s Parish, Liverpool

Thirty five women and three men (where are you gentlemen?) gathered in the former parish club at Our Lady’s Bryn to attend a day entitled ‘Wisdom for Catechists’ led by Sr. Camilla Burns SND.

The day began with some quite heavy theology based on the Wisdom books of the Old Testament. Some felt that this was going to be a heavy day!  Some admitted their lack of experience in dealing with the Old Testament.  Initially, many may have missed the wisdom of Sr Camilla but when we were divided into mixed parish groups to debate and devise our own proverbs for new catechists, the richness of the input came through.  This was the secret of the success of the day: a day of dialogue between parishes with different areas of catechesis brought together and stimulated by collective wisdom.

A most enjoyable day which was thought provoking and under the great hospitality of the parishioners of Our Lady’s, Bryn.

The proverbs for new catechists produced during the day were:

• A seed of faith within us all is watered and nurtured when shared
• Aim for the moon and be glad if you reach the stars
• Re’JOY’ce in our differences and embrace our gifts
• Listen to the “voice” of the children to gain wisdom to speak to their needs Tetrafem 1:1
• Meet people where they are and walk with them on their journey
• God never stops loving
• True wisdom is the understanding of the simple
• Plant seeds with joy - some will spring up and surprise you!
• The wisest words can come from the youngest minds/lips
• The best teacher is the one who is open to be taught
• When you stand at the edge of the path don’t worry about how long it is, just enjoy the journey
• Be led by your heart and in humility let God direct the tapestry that will unfold
• Begin where they are, share stories, and travel the journey together – leave the rest to the Spirit
• Everything goes around in circles
• Listen!