Bishop Tom says Mass for sick, families, healthcare workers

By Peter Heneghan

Bishop Tom Williams celebrated the final Mass of a series for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with a focus on those caring for and helping the sick and vulnerable in society. Each Thursday evening since 23 April a Bishop had celebrated a live-streamed Mass for the sick, their families, healthcare workers and carers.
Bishop Tom, who worked as a hospital chaplain for many years, used his homily – preached in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel of Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King on Thursday 9 July – to herald the tireless efforts of front-line carers.

He likened carers to stonemasons carving the presence of Christ for the sick and vulnerable, and said, ‘As people of faith, we believe that Jesus Christ, our Saviour, our seat of wisdom and understanding, is our cornerstone. And we are His great design – His cathedral.’
Bishop Tom went on to pay tribute to those working with the Caritas network, adding, ‘A special thank you tonight to each and every one of you that form the Caritas network of England and Wales. This Mass is especially for you. It’s a network made up of 48 Catholic, diocesan and specialist Christian charities serving the poor and the vulnerable. Thanks to all of you. Each of you is working on that same workbench of our cathedral. Each of you have been stonemasons, carving the presence of Christ to those you meet – whether you know it or not.’