Grades are in at Nugent House School

By Normandie Wragg

I am so proud of the students and staff at our school.

Nugent operates a special independent school, located in Billinge, called Nugent House School. We teach, and care for, children with special educational needs or disability (SEND), from primary to Sixth Form. The aim of our school is to support and develop young people to lead independent and successful lives and become responsible and active citizens in line with our iACCORD values.

As a special independent school with under 50 pupils, we have been operational throughout the pandemic. This has been a particularly challenging time for many, and our pupils are no exception.

All Centre Assessed Grades have been confirmed as accurate by Ofqual and the awarding bodies:

32 recognised qualifications have been awarded to pupils in 2020, which is TWICE as many as the previous academic year.

Pupils have DOUBLED their grade 4 and grade 3 achievements from 2019.

Four post-16 pupils have achieved the necessary grades to continue in their chosen career pathways.

Many thanks to our new headteacher, Mrs Sarah Gregory, for her ongoing inspiration to both staff and pupils. Also thank you to the staff on Hope Lane who care for many of the pupils at Nugent House School and all of our staff around Nugent who supported the school and Hope Lane – what teamwork!