Introducing a new face at Animate

By Simon Hart

Animate Youth Ministries’ new gap-year member, Kelsea Curran, reflects on her faith and her decision to join the team at Lowe House for 2020/21.

As an avid reader of the Catholic Pic, I already knew that Father Simon had said that I would be writing the first article of the new term so I was prepared for this.

First of all, I should introduce myself: I am from Liverpool and have lived in the city my whole life. I grew up in St Clare’s parish in Sefton Park and attended Bellerive FcJ Catholic College. I had my first taste of life with Animate when doing work experience with the team towards the end of 2019. I was able to work with different schools within the Archdiocese during that short period, which meant that when I did eventually join I knew what was to come. I felt a little ahead of the game ... just how I like it!

I first heard about Animate when they came into my school soon after I first started there in 2013. This was during a mission week and it allowed me to learn more about my faith and feel like I was able to get more involved with what I believed in. After that they basically could not get rid of me! I attended Alpha, Faith In Action, Youth Alive and just about every other event they put on. Now for my gap year with the team and, so far, working with, and as a part of, Animate has been so rewarding even at this early stage. I have been able to inspire young people just as I was once inspired, meaning an opportunity to give back to others what I received.

Growing up, I was always around religion, whether it be in school or at home. My nan took me to church every week. I cannot remember a time when I did not go to Mass, other than when my nan was unwell or unable to attend herself (now, thankfully, I’m big enough to go on my own!).

Literally a week after making my First Holy Communion – I am pictured (above right) on the day with my granddad Liam – I became an altar server in my parish. I later began serving Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral and I would suggest that those experiences on the altar have helped me to understand how important faith is for others around me. I have had some surreal experiences too, such as serving Mass in churches I would never have thought I would even visit. I can only imagine what opportunities Animate will open up for me in the coming months …

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hopefully seeing and maybe working with some of you in the near future (socially distanced and all) during these strange times,

God bless,